Character, ethics, friendly, great work ethic, reliable. Without great people, you can’t have a great organization. It starts at the hiring process, and great hires are by design not dumb luck. And once you get the right folks, you better know how to keep them! In a hot job market, talented team members are less likely to stick it out under weak management if they know there are better opportunities out there. Build the organization, then let the organization build the business.

It’s not a popular thing to say, but unfortunately a lot of people are just plain lazy. Some will try to get by with the minimum requirements. Or they might do the tasks that they want to do, but not what actually needs to be done. The other side of the coin is people generally do what you tell or ask them to do. Point is, hire the right people for the job and don’t allow an environment that promotes an overly casual workplace.  It’s ok to have fun, but don’t forget it’s a business!

Formal assessments and pay scale reviews - do them! Too often we put blinders on when it comes to assessing our folks. I have observed many owners of small companies make some serious mistakes when it comes to people power. They have a tendency to put a round peg in a square hole, not matching the individuals skill sets with the position. Fear of addressing low performance or replacing someone overwhelms good business sense, preventing the company from finding the right person for the job. Just because the company is operating in the black doesn’t mean it’s being run to its’ potential, especially in this economy.  Forrest Gump found the shrimp!

We have a great market, customers are walking in, plenty of contracts and work. Have professional hiring practices, on-board and develop for longevity, build a succession plan, get your existing people in the right positions. Talented people want to work for talented companies. Davis Profit Consulting understands the power of people and how to direct the team towards common goals. How’s your team?