If you ask 10 people how they define the term “Sales Performance” you will get several different answers. Regardless of the industry, a true sales culture is necessary for growth and profitability. Don’t allow bureaucracy or task saturation to erode your sales efforts. Does everyone in your organization have a passion for driving top line sales and increasing profits? Are some of your folks more concerned with shuffling paper or having another meeting?

Sales Performance requires energy, and sometimes that energy level can drop even in the best of companies. I have proven methods and techniques that help the whole team understand their role in driving the top line and maintaining the day to day energy required to capture your share of the market.

  • Measure and discuss sales goals and results daily. Reporting and metrics.

  • Attitude versus Aptitude. A questionable attitude is a sales killer regardless of skill.

  • Celebrate the wins as a team, everyone counts!

  • Friendly competition is great, but don’t overdue it. Not everyone is the same.

  • Your team needs to sell Confidence and Service, not Product. Be customer centric.