What makes us different? Results! Profit producing innovative strategies that work in the real world! We don’t sell theory or make you pay for our PhD and huge staff. We don’t have either of those. Our version of a PhD is Poor, Hungry and Determined. We are different because we bring solutions that add value to your organization, not throw videos and a few 3-ring binders of stuff no one will ever read and then hand you an invoice.

We are real people and we offer real solutions. If you want politically correct, don’t offend anyone babble we are NOT your team. If you want a Professional Consultant that may tell you things you need to hear, not just what you want to hear, contact us. We will help you build, fix and grow you business. We cut through the BS.


We have committed ourselves to being a value-added consulting agency through strong relationships and workable solutions.  We believe in helping to build strong organizations which build strong companies through honest and ethical business practices.  Companies are people and people matter.  

We focus on training and developing Front-Line leaders in your organization that will succeed for themselves and help your company succeed.  We bring solutions through coaching and mentoring.