Bryan Davis - Senior Consultant

Bryan has worked over 25 years in the corporate world with great companies such as Paccar Automotive and AutoZone.  He has also owned his own businesses, worked as a commission salesman, and worked for smaller, family-owned companies.  All of which has given him a wide perspective in the business world.  

Bryan has a very diverse business background with everything from the automotive industry to the mortgage industry.  Some people have gone as far as to say he is an "anomaly" - a combination of sales, operations, financial analysis, inventory & personnel manager all rolled into one.  He has succeeded in every industry he has been in.

Bryan focuses on sales and profit performance through operational excellence.  Years of personnel recruiting, hiring and development has seasoned him and helped him gain understanding of the importance of people and an effective team.  He is a hiring manager that loves to train and share his knowledge with others.  Bryan's ability to identify, hire and lead talented people has always been a strong point.  "Hire the right people and give them the tools to complete the job.  Have a culture of accountability and celebrate with the team."  

As a corporate trained multi-unit manager, it was instilled in Bryan to operate in every aspect of the business with the goal of net profit.  Performance was a requirement!  His philosophy of sales growth and operational excellence has been an effective combination to consistent, bottom line contribution.  


Laura Rubright - Support Specialist

Any good admin understands the importance of supporting their sales force.  A great admin understands the balance between management, sales and operations.  Laura has had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields.  She excels in sales support, HR functions, executive support, and is a phenomenal organizer.  Her experiences with Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small family-run companies, show Laura's ability to support any size organization. 

Laura is intuitive and has a proven track record of helping to build and maintain winning teams.  HR benefits, Excel, MS expertise, learning software and making sense of process flows are all in her wheelhouse.  Laura is an effective administrative trainer and communicator to all levels of any business.