Man-ag-er:  One who manages; especially, one who has control of a business or business establishment; a director.

Can your business operate without you? Do you want it to? If you do, then having a motivated, experienced leader in the right position is a requirement.

The dictionary has a straightforward definition of what a manager is.  But in the real world we know it can sometimes be a different story. Just because someone has the title of “Manager” doesn’t mean they are the best LEADER in your organization. The best managers are generally the folks that want to lead! You can train for the skills your company needs for the position, but if they don’t want to lead your team they will probably end up disappointing ownership and frustrating the team. Leaders help people do things that they wouldn’t or couldn’t do on their own.  Promote the leader, help them develop the skills needed for the job, and you will get the desired result.

For years I saw a phenomena of promoting the wrong person into a management role because they excelled in one category or another - usually sales.  This can be a timely mistake and a costly adventure that takes more effort to undo than it did to implement.  Do you know how to identify your next leader?

At Davis Profit Consulting, I have the experience to help your business identify your next leader.  If you currently have a talented person in a management role, I can help enhance their leadership skills and overall performance.  I have spent decades hiring, training, developing and promoting strong managers. 

Manager training and development is truly my passion!  Allow me to help mentor and coach your leaders to drive your business the way you intended. 

With Davis Profit Consulting you will have the confidence to take the day off and know that your manager will run the business the way you want.