Karl Lange

Ford Accessory Regional  Manager

“Bryan is one of the most professional and driven professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a strong sales person, solid leader, and is respectful of those he interacts with. Bryan is a quick learner with outstanding customer presentation and relationship skills. He is relentless in his pursuit of developing a sales pipeline and closing business.

Bryan has proven to be an expert at supporting multiple sales reps while providing detailed direction and guidance at lightning speed. Bryan’s strong attention to detail and ability to quickly expedite strategic business plans, negotiate contracts and move them through the process, results in more closed profitable business and better customer experiences. I’ve found him to be an outstanding partner and human being. I would highly recommend Bryan to any organization seeking the highest quality consultant, individual contributor or sales leader.”

mitch schaffer


“A true talent is an easy way to describe Bryan Davis. Bryan believed in his people and it showed by his bottom-up leadership style. He always took the time to deliver the right speech to improve morale and provide individuals with the necessary tools to improve performance. His dedication shined specifically while building a bench of highly trained, ready to perform managers and, without a doubt, I truly believe I am a better manager due to having the privilege of working with Bryan.”

Brett Nelson

General Manager-Applied Industrial Technologies

“I have had the privilege of knowing Bryan Davis for the past 31 years and have had many opportunities to observe first hand his management and leadership capabilities. I would categorize his leadership style as that of a mentor and teacher. Bryan recognizes the value and talents in people and does what is necessary to bring those forward and does everything he can to help people succeed.

Bryan’s natural ability, coupled with his many years of experience in retail and wholesale commerce, make him uniquely qualified to operate, manage and improve whatever endeavor he is involved in. He has a solid track record of increasing revenue and profit as well as improving and fine tuning operations. He is extremely professional and will focus in on a problem until it is resolved and performance is improved.

Bryan is a results oriented individual and brings much value to whatever he may be involved.”